Discover the Scentsy Opportunity

Are you looking for a rewarding career and a successful business that you can create on your own? When you become a Scentsy Consultant, you can enjoy financial abundance just by sharing products that you love and believe in. You can learn from other Scentsy Consultants and make new friends and enjoy new freedom. As a Scentsy Consultant you can create your own flexible schedule and create your own goals. When you join as a Scentsy Consultant, you become a member of our family and we coach you with unlimited support for growing your business. Sara Speechly is a Super Star Director and will help you make your dreams come true.

Host a Scentsy Party

Gather your friends and family and neighbors and have lots of fun throwing a Scentsy Party today. Share the Scentsy experience and earn free Scentsy products. Scentsy is so easy to share with your friends, the scent sells itself. You can start your own home business just by enjoying Scentsy with your friends and neighbors. Your Scentsy Consultant will provide all the support, advice, and resources you need to make the party a success. When the Scentsy Party is over, your Consultant will tally up the results and help you get the maximum benefit of the Host Rewards you so richly deserve.

Discover Scentsy Products

Did you know that you can Buy Scentsy products online? Scentsy has hundreds of great products for your home your bath and your body and you can Buy Scentsy Online right now. Scentsy can fill your home with wonderful fragrances from warmers to fresheners to soaps and sanitizers. Buy Scentsy products today, and come home to freshness everyday.

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Scentsy April Warmer and Scent of the Month

  Scentsy Aprils Warmer of the Month: “Be Bold” Scentsy Aprils Scent of the month: Be Fabulous. It is 10% off during the month of April. To order go to CLICK HERE

Scentsy pods, Scentsy Go, Wall Fan diffuser, Mini Fan Diffuser

Scentsy pods, Scentsy Go, Wall Fan diffuser, Mini Fan Diffuser. Scentsy has many New systems to help scent your home, office or car. Try the Scentsy Go, Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser, and New Mini Fan Diffuser with Scentsy Pods paks. Watch the video to learn more how to use these.     To Order the…

Scentsy Fantasy Wax collection and Halley unicorn

Scentsy Fantasy Wax collection and Halley unicorn. Here is my review of the Scentsy Fantasy Wax collection (Confetti Party, Pixie Sparkle, Rainbow Berry, Sparkling Sugar and Unicorn Kisses Scents) Plus the New Halley Unicorn Scentsy Buddy! These are all Limited Time Offers. So get them before they are gone!   To Order the Scentsy Fantasy…