Is Going Wick-less Really Better?

Scentsy has started a debate that at times can get quite heated.  Is the Scentsy system really better than the traditional candle.  We are going to compare Scentsy and the popular candle company, Yankee Candle.  We will see which is more cost effective and which is just all around better.

Let’s start with Yankee Candle.  The average candle costs around fifteen dollars.  Once you take the candle home and light it, the fragrance will last for about four days depending on if you light it every day or not.  There is also the fire hazard.  If a kid or perhaps a busy husband knock the candle over your whole house could go up in flames.  You also can’t reuse the candle once the wick is gone.  Its just over and one with and it’s time to get a new candle.  The average person will have to buy 120 candles a year.  If you add up the total cost of all those candle is in the ballpark of 1,800 dollars.  That is a lot of money.








The average Scentsy warmer is thirty-five dollars.  You then have to add the five dollars that the bars cost.  That is a grand total of forty dollars.  So far the Yankee Candle is the cheaper option.  However you don’t have to worry about your house catching on fire with the Scentsy warmers.  There is no open flame to worry about containing. If you get tired of a scent before you can’t smell it anymore you can just throw in a new bar.  The average Scentsy customer buys about ninety bars a year.  If you add that cost up it is 485 dollars. There is also the added benefit of being able to leave your warmer on for extended periods of time.

Scentsy full sized







The facts are pretty straight forward.  Scentsy is clearly the best choice when it comes to home fragrance.  It is cheaper, safer and more effective.


Sneak Peak into July

Scentsy is always coming up with something new.  They are also giving their consultants every opportunity to grow and become the best.  Coming up in July Scentsy will be kicking off their Family Reunions.  By gathering this  many consultants under one roof, Scentsy is trying help them grow by sharing stories and experiences.  This is another way to help the consultants grow.











They will be kicking things off in Sin City or Las Vegas.  This is the first of three different reunions on three different continents, but more on that later.  They are going to be having a bunch of great classes and speakers that they are hoping will help their consultants become the best they can be.  There are also rumors that One Republic will be preforming on the opening night.

The next reunion will be in Europe.  Now there aren’t many details on this reunion but the more details they give out the more I can give to you.  For now we will just say how great it is to have this All- American company going global. We can also be assured that this reunion will be a way for our European counterparts will be given the tools to give Scentsy a great fantastic reputation.

To finish our world wide tour we will end in Sydney.  Again I don’t have many details for this reunion but we can be assured that they will continue to give the consultants the tools to be the best they can be.  And as more details come will be past on to you.

These amazing reunions will give all the consultants world wide the tools they need to sell their products.  They want all their consultants to be successful.  By providing these reunions they are ensuring the success of their company for the future.