Scentsy Counter Clean

Scentsy Counter Clean is my all time favorite clean Product, plus it leaves your house smelling wonderful. I use it on almost everything. Amazing on counters because it leaves a dirt repelling barrier on your counters. Plus it really makes surface and other things look Brand new again! Look at my examples here in this video with my coolers, water dispenser, shoes, and Scentsy warmer lid.


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What to do for Dad

Father’s Day is coming up this week.  So what are we going to do for the dads in our lives.  They need something that  captures who they are and how much you admire them and all that they do for you.  It could also be something that can help the rest of the house smell good.  Scentsy can help just like always.  They have a number of Warmers that are great for the dads.  We are going to take a look at some of those warmers, so you can find the right one for dad.

Let’s start with the warmers for the sports fans out there.  They have the classic warmers that are decorated to look like basketballs, footballs and so on.  From there we go to the Campus Collection which features the logos for your favorite college teams.  Then we hit the big leagues we have our MLB warmers for the baseball fans out there.  Then we have a couple of other major leagues teams.











The next line we are going to look at is for the outdoors man.  The man that likes to hunt and fish and be outside in the woods.  These would be great in any man cave or office.  We have our classic camouflage that can hide in any corner.  We also have many other outdoor warmers that are easier to explain with pictures.  Any man that hunts or does any kind of outdoor sports will love.









We all know that dads aren’t always into the cute decorating stuff that the women are into and having something give off what could be a girly smell out of the question.  Scentsy has given women a way to have the house smell good but they also get the style and personalty that they are looking for.  So pick one up for dad today.

Take your Favorite Scents with you

Have you ever gone somewhere and it just smelled funny?  I know that most of us have had this problem at least once.  What do you when faced with this problem? Its too bad that we can’t take our favorite scents with us.  Or is that now a possibly? We always talk about their warmers and how they help our homes smell better, but now we are going to give the travel options the attention they deserve.














I don’t know about you guys but there are some days I feel like I live in my car.  I know a lot of you probably have the same kind of days.  Scentsy has three products that can make our cars a bit more pleasant to be in.  Whether you are driving kids around or going for a road trip Scentsy has you covered.  They have the Scents Packs that we often get for the Buddies.  These are also great for keeping in your car.  There are also the classic Scent Circles that are like the tree car fresheners that are so common.  However the Scent Circles smell way better and are a bit more appealing visually. They also have a spray that is similar to the room spray.  We can’t forget the Travel Tin that you can stick under the seat of your car.

What does Scentsy have for your purse? We never seem to think about how out purse smells, but why not catch a whiff of our favorite scent every time you open your purse.  Not only can you use many of the products that they have for the cars.  They also have their Body Butter that come in many of your favorite scents.  This way you can always have that homey smell with you whenever you go.  This will make life so much more pleasant.

Ribbons of Hope

Since 2009 Scentsy has donated $3.5 million dollars to different charities.  This has been accomplished by selling products and donating some of the profit to the charities.  One of the charities selected is the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

This foundation makes great head way into the research of Breast Cancer and Scentsy wants to help with that.  They have created many warmers that we love and that help make a difference in the communities.  The warmer we are going focus on is the Ribbons of Hope.  This is the most current warmer that they have come up with to support breast cancer.  This is a cause that hits close to home in the Scentsy community.  As we know most of the buyers of Scentsy and their products are women.  Women are also the main group of people that suffer from Breast Cancer.  That makes Scentsy a perfect support for this foundation. Donations to the foundations have totaled $646,779.  These donations also affect Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada.








These wonderful research foundations are getting lots of financial support from the donations made by the good people that are buying these products and helping the research move forward.  Let’s talk about the warmer.  This warmer is classic black and white that goes with most decor but with the pink ribbons that are so classic to any breast cancer foundation. This beautiful warmer will not only brighten your home and help to smell wonderful it will also help support such a great cause.  For many of us we all know someone who has had breast cancer.  So this is a matter that will hit close to home.  This is a great cause that we should be willing to help to support.  Let’s support the research and help these people.  Contact your local Scentsy consultant to get the warmer to help change many peoples lives.

Got Dirty Laundry?

Many of the Scentsy lovers out there are moms.  Moms will try anything to get and keep their homes smelling good.  And especially with boys we all that’s quite the task.  We know that Scentsy has many different products to help us for their wax that they are most know for.  They also have the buddies that can help keep the kids rooms smelling good, but what else can they do help keep things smelling fresh? They can help with laundry of course.

images (29)






There are three parts to the laundry system that can keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean.  The first is laundry liquid.  This is the soap that gets all the dirt and grime out of the clothes.  This  liquid detergent is great for high- efficiency washers. This soap is specially designed with cleaning agents that bond to dirt and lift it off like magic. They come in an easy to use pump.  No more measuring out the powder or liquid.  All it takes is a few pumps.    They come fragrance free for those with sensitive skin but they also come in many of  your favorite scents.

To get that extra boost of scent Scentsy also have their wonderful washer whiffs.  This is designed to be the fabric softener.  These come in two different sizes.  One is a squeeze bottle or in a tub. They are also easy to use, just throw some in the drum of your washer.  It works best when used with the laundry liquid.  These also come in the your favorite scents or in fragrance free for our sensitive friends.

The final product to the complete your laundry is the dryer disc. These are a lot like dryer sheets.  These are probably the easiest thing to use.  All you have to do is throw them in the dryer and they work their scent magic.  These discs can last up for up to fifteen loads.  These come in the same scents and work best when used with the other Scentsy laundry products.

To find any of these products just contact  your local Scentsy consultant for details.