Reasons to Join Scentsy

  • Its great fun and easy to promote Scentsy products that people love to buy.
  • Flexibility, You work when you want to.
  • The innovative company is offering many unique and quality products.
  • The monthly purchase are not mandatory and staying active is easy.
  • Get a personal website free for the first three months and can pay just $10 a month after that.
  • Our package includes free support and training, and a lot more.
  • I am a Superstar Director having more than Eleven years of hands-on Scentsy experience, and am here to help you grow your own Scentsy business.
  • I like to praise and give recognition and incentives to my team.
  • The starter kit is only $99 plus taxes and shipping. That’s affordability!

Why Should I Join Scentsy

Scentsy has been growing phenomenally for the last Eleven years.  I wanted to stay home and take care of my children after I had my second child, who had health issues.  I had already fall-in love with Scentsy’s great products, so I decided to become a consultant.  It turned out that I could make more money as a Scentsy consultant than I realized. Scentsy was and is really easy to sell. I had never sold anything in life before this. I also have made so many friends with Scentsy and enjoy helping others become successful with their own Scentsy business, and look forward to help you become successful too. Furthermore, you get training and other free resources that fit your schedule style.

I had never sold anything in life before this. Furthermore, you get training and other free resources that fit your schedule style.

What others have to Say


“ I have come to love Sara like a sister. Since joining Scentsy, I have watched her grow into the fabulous Super Star Director she is today. You could say we both learned together, discovering what did and did not work along the way. Sara continues to reach by participating in team weekly webinars and conference calls and more. She is a great sounding board and resource for sharing ideas and working together to find solutions ”

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Join us now and become a Scentsy Consultant at Scentsy. See our sincere, hardworking and professional team in action firsthand. Get hold of a sponsor to increase your chances of unprecedented business growth. You’ll get proper guidance on how to look for in sponsors and how to utilize them to get more business.

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