Scentsy is set apart from other candle companies with the fact that they are wickless. They began their creation out of the concern of burning flames in their home. Their warmers are very decorative and there is something to match every home decor. No fire, no flame to worry about. The warmer has a cord that plugs into an outlet and the bulb inside warms and melts the candle bar on top. Out of counter space? No problem. They have smaller ones that plug directly into the outlet. Scentsy also carries room sprays and car candles for those who want to carry the yummy scents with them. The price…very reasonable. You can afford to buy one for everyone on your list and one for you!


My first thought about the warmer was: How Elegant. When the warmer is on, the light it sends out creates an ambiance and relaxing mood to the room. MMmmm, it (Sunkissed Citrus) smelled so good. The warmer melted the bar and the scent really encompassed the room. I never wanted to turn it off! I have been using the warmer for weeks and the bar shows no signs of disappearing any time soon. I am a believer in this product and have experienced first hand the safety of this product. My 4 year old son is very curious and put his finger in the melted wax. He said to me, “It didn’t even burn me.” I usually will not burn candles because I am concerned about my children and their safety. That is something that I know I don’t have to worry about when using a Scentsy Warmer.


I appreciate all the work Sara does to help me grow my own Scentsy business. Even though she doesn’t live close to me she is always available to help me. She answers all me email calls and sends me things for achievements and motivation.


I have come to love Sara like a sister. Since joining Scentsy, I have watched her grow into the fabulous Super Star Director she is today. You could say we both learned together, discovering what did and did not work along the way. Sara continues to reach by participating in team weekly webinars and conference calls and more. She is a great sounding board and resource for sharing ideas and working together to find solutions.